Twitter banned from China new office in Hong Kong.

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    Twitter has been banned from operating in China since 2009 over fears that it could be used to organize protests against the government. In 2010 Cheng Jianping was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp for retweeting a comment that suggested boycotters of Japanese products should instead attack the Japanese pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. It was latter revealed that this tweet was really a hoax and a joke.

    Hong Kong and Macau fall under the special administration, which means that most of China’s law doesn’t apply to these 2 cities. Twitter plans to open their office in Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2015.

    Twitter sspokesperson said that:

    “Our upcoming Hong Kong office in the first quarter will enable us to pursue strategic opportunities in Greater China, such as China export advertising market, Hong Kong and Taiwan advertising markets, media partnerships, and our new Twitter Fabric integrated with MoPub for mobile developers.”

    With highly competitive advertising environment (more so, after Snapchat launches it’s advertising platform); Twitter finds itself competing for emerging Asian Markets. This would be the fifth office in Asia following their offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney.

    “With half of all internet, mobile and social media users worldwide in Asia today, we see many opportunities across the region,” a company spokesperson said.

    Access to Twitter is currently blocked in North Korea, China and Iran.


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